Baby Massage has been used widely across the world for many years as parents notice the huge array of benefits for both their baby and themselves.
Detailed here are some benefits that many parents have reported following regular massage of their baby.
Interaction between parent and child:

  • Can enhance bonding and promote a secure attachment, it can encourage and enhance verbal and non-verbal communication developing pre language communication skills.
  • It provides quality one to one time allowing your baby to have your undivided attention.
  • Shows love, tolerance and a nurturing touch while teaching and showing empathy

Stimulation of:

  • Circulatory system, Digestive system, hormonal system and Respiratory system
  • Improved learning ability
  • Improved muscular development and tone and helps your baby develop mind and body awareness as well as improved learning ability.

Relief of:

  • A tummy massage using the correct techniques can offer a wonderful relief to trapped wind, constipation and digestive cramps.
  • It has also been reported to help with the effects of Colic.
  • It can help with excess mucus, growing pains, muscular tension, teething discomfort,
  • Using a carefully selected oil suitable for a babies delicate skin can help with dry skin and help to soften and nourish the skin.


  • A massage can really help to improve sleeping patters and instil calmness and the help a baby to calm themselves.
  • Close physical contact in the form of massage can lead to a reduction of stress levels and stress hormones, higher levels of relaxing hormones (Oxytocin and Serotonin),

Benefits to Parents:

  • It’s not just the little ones who reap the rewards of being massaged, it can be a very beneficial experience for parents too.
  • It can provide a better understanding of their baby, reading and respecting cues, enhance bonding and secure attachment,
  • Improve self-esteem and confidence for new parents. It is a wonderful opportunity for early involvement for dads, a chance to discover babies’ uniqueness and have quality time together.
  • It will help to decrease parents stress hormone while stimulating higher levels of relaxing hormone, improve sleep and stimulate lactation.
  • Baby massage can also help towards the recovery of post-natal depression