Our Ethos:


At Gentle Touch Massage we are baby led. This means we encourage you to only massage your baby when they are happy to receive it. Just like you or I, babies will have different moods and one day they will love a massage and the next day they will not. You will learn how to ask you baby permission to massage and read their cues. You will quickly know whether to go ahead or whether just a cuddle or a play is what they really want. You will create a deeper level of trust because your baby will know they can tell you in their own way they are not happy with something and you will listen.
During the classes if your baby needs feeding, changing a good cry or just to sit and cuddle you while watching or playing that is absolutely fine. You must relax and let your baby do what they need to do. You will still be learning everything you need to know to massage your baby at home when the time is right for you both.